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Quality management


    We have a professional team behind our business aiming to provide you perfect matched one-stop air solution for customized order.
   Over a decade, our design team---- the most valuable assets we have, devote their life to UNITED OSD business leading the domestic R&D force ahead of industry. Keeping innovation every year, its national grade technology centre is well-founded and shaped in the next foreseeable 2 years.

Professional purchasing team with their excellent team work and lean management system allow them seeking reliable resources worldwide in soonest.

    Our purchasing strategy is to establish a long-term relationship with global suppliers provide customers the best experience on investment.

Quality control department strictly focus on quality, testing and inspecting every single parts delivered from our suppliers.

Unqualified parts will be rejected, and never go into mass production.

    “5S”management system is implementing in assembling area which standardize production process.
    The QC personnel follow up the whole process of assembling and timing control, correcting the unqualified crafts and arts to meet the target of "zero defect" from very beginning.

UNITED OSD invested millions dollar in building up a substation, make sure that compressors from 5kw-630kw (including high capacity 6KVand 10KV) can be tested within factory before delivery.

Advanced testing system to test the performance of each ex factory air compressor.

Ready for dispatch.

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